VCI DOVE FPV Fixed-Wing Airplane 
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Thank you, everyone, for your tremendous support and appreciation.

Shipments within the United States will be fulfilled from our Chicago Warehouse, while orders from countries outside the United States will be shipped from our China Warehouse.

However, the next batch of Dove from the China warehouse is scheduled to be dispatched in early March.

For detailed instruction, please download the manual from the SUPPORT page.


Technical Specifications

Wing Span: 1050mm (41.4 inch)

Length:745mm (29.3 inch)

Height:185mm (7.3 inch)

Wing Area: 14d㎡ (217 inch)

Normal Takeoff Weight: 650g (23oz)

Maximum Takeoff Weight: 1250g (44oz)

Maximum Airspeed: 110KM/H (59kn)

Stall Speed: 25KM/H (13.5kn)

Test Data of 3S 1800 MAH LI-PO Battery:

Maximum Cruise Time: ≥35mins

Maximum Range: ≥25kms

Maximum Load: 600g (21oz)

Key Features

1. Small fuselage with low drag design,increase the battery life;

2. Compatible with DJI O3 and analog image transmission, and there is a reserved action camera installation platform;

3. The fuselage main force structure is made of carbon fiber material, and the strength, life and stability are doubled compared with ordinary wood material;.

4. The customized motor structure makes the thrust line coaxial with the fuselage, the propeller deflection component is "0", and the motor thrust is maximized;

5. The customized designed folding propeller is perfectly matched with the motor, greatly reducing the flight resistance and achieving the best dynamic efficiency;

6. High T flat tail to avoid propeller turbulence, through special design to ensure the efficiency of the tail group;

7. Load wing design, no need to change the power system, the aircraft can be attached to the maximum 600G load to keep flying freely;

8. Quick disassembly and installation, small storage space, matching high-quality hard-shell suitcase, easy to carry and increase the protection of the fuselage;

9. Matching two-color light, night flight is cool and It facilitates visual landing safety;

10. The use of natural decomposition of EPP environmental protection materials, will not cause white pollution to the environment;

Configuration Details

1. Flight Controller (excl.) : MATEK WING(INAV)


2. Servo: 4.3g Digital

3. ESC: Hobbywing Skywalker 20A 2-3S

4. Motor: VCI SPARK 2306-1650KV

5. Propeller: VCI Folding 7530-2

6. Battery (excl.) : 3S Li-PO 1300-2200 mAh

                             3S 18650

7.Camera (excl.) : DJI   HD Camear


Package Contents

(PNP Includes)

1. Fuselage (w/ propeller, motor, ESC) *1

2. Horizontal Stabilizer (w/elevator servo) *1

3. Vertical Stabilizer (w/ rudder servo) *1

4. Left Wing+Right Wing(w/ left aileron servo) *1

5. Accessory Pack (screws, allen wrench, spare battery strap, 3M double sided tape) *1

6. Sticker *1

PNP PACKAGE SIZE: 580*210*190 mm

                                 22.83*8.26*7.48 Inch

Delivery Method:Ordinary Air Freight.

Delivery Time: Within 3 working days after receipt of payment.

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